The Information You Need With BINbase Database

Enjoy access to hundreds of thousands of Bank Identification Numbers for credit cards, debit cards and pre-paid cards. The Bank Identification Number (BINbase) contains information about the type and level of card, the country where it is issued and the bank that issued it. Many times, contact information for the bank is available as well from a BINbase database. All you have to do is to enter the first digits of the card number to see what information is available about it.

Completely Legal and Ethical

All information contained in a BINbase database program has been collected from legal sources, by legal methods. Although not widely available to the public, it is still considered public information. Its use is completely ethical because you don’t get lists of actual, complete credit card numbers, or even lists of BINBASEs—just the ability to compare numbers you already have against those known to be issued by legitimate banks and credit institutions. No personal identifying information is contained, only information on type of card and bank.

Extensive Lists

You might be surprised at how much you learn from a BINbase database search. Well-researched BINbase database software contains card information from MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover, as well as dozens of sub-types that includes the level of the card, such as standard or premium, and its purpose, such as personal or business. Some cards are very specific, issued only for ATM use, or requiring a signature. A BINbase database file also tells you what the name of the bank was, that issued the card, and the country. It may contain contact information for that bank. In addition, a BINbase database check distinguishes debit cards and pre-paid cards from standard credit cards.

Why Use BINbase Database

If you do any business over the Internet, even if you accept credit cards in your store, then you can reduce the number of chargebacks you suffer with a BINbase database download. Chargebacks are what happens when a credit card company rescinds their payment for an item because the credit card was stolen or used fraudulently. They are very expensive for businesses and at the same time very common. You also have the ability to block certain types of cards or certain banks you do not trust. With a BINbase database and BINbase search, you get control of your financial transactions back.

Making the Most of a BINbase

One way that you can use a BINbase database listing to filter out possibly fraudulent charges is, by comparing the country that the card comes from—such as Britain—with the country that appears on the mailing address. If it is in a dramatically different location—such as Nigeria—then that transaction warrants further confirmation before you process it. You can get that by contacting the bank. Filter out debit or pre-paid cards, or add an extra fee to cards with higher processing costs.

With a BINbase database credit card check, you protect your business’s finances and improve your knowledge of your customers and the bank you do business with.

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